Our Fabrics

We buy rolls of fabrics from many of the top names which can be as much as half the original price per metre. We also stock some current lines and because we purchase the whole roll the price is usually cheaper per metre than the recommended selling price. We are usually able to order more of these fabrics.

We have a wide selection filling four showrooms including, silks, chenille, toile do joue, Indian cottons, printed cottons and a big selection of woven cotton and linen fabrics, both in traditional and contemporary designs.

We give generous samples of however many fabrics you want and are happy to post small quantities of fabric or courier larger quantities if you live far away, although we do make a small charge.

We have assisted in choosing fabrics for village halls, churches, retail outlets, pubs and hotels and are able to get fabrics fireproofed for commercial use and for rental properties.

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